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    DigiPoll provides quality computer assisted telephone interviewing services to market researchers, government organizations, small businesses, and media outlets.
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CATI Survey Specialists

Since 1996 DigiPoll has been conducting precise quantitative research fieldwork, nationally and internationally. Specialising in telephone surveys, we make polling an art as well as a science. Our data collected by telephone surveys use exclusive RDD samples that have been recognized by market researchers, consultants, academics and pollsters as accuracy with the highest resolution.

DigiPolls have become a benchmark for public opinion and we take great pride in being precision pollsters.

We are delighted to announce that DigiPoll had achieved a three-year ISO 20252 accreditation as of the 14th of June 2013. The implementation of ISO 20252 in New Zealand was initiated and facilitated by AMRO (NZ Association of Market Research Organizations).

Latest DigiPolls

Election excites, reveals survey

Sunday, 10 August 2014 Written by

Christmas has taken a back seat to the election as people appear to be looking forward to the gift of government. In the latest Herald-DigiPoll survey, 35 per cent of voters deemed September's general election the most interesting event of the year.

Hang in there Rich, Kiwis say, as aches and pains set in

Saturday, 26 July 2014 Written by

He'll be on the wrong end of 34 if he makes next year's Rugby World Cup squad but most New Zealanders say All Blacks captain Richie McCaw should play on, a survey shows. A Herald-DigiPoll survey showed that 61.8 per cent of respondents wanted to see McCaw finish this season and play on as long as he can.

Poll finds majority support for 'fat tax'

Thursday, 24 July 2014 Written by

"Nanny state" interventions such as a "fat tax" on unhealthy products and compulsory nutrition ratings on food labels are popular with New Zealanders, a Herald-DigiPoll survey shows.